Create a 360 degree view
of your client’s financial picture

Case Central is a team of CFPs, CPAs and CFAs that provides comprehensive analysis, product illustrations and financial reports to support case design for our affiliated financial services professionals.

Using the Case Central secure Web-based portal, it is simple to upload key case information and documents. Track the progress of the development of your case every step of the way.

When complete, your reports may include full financial planning, income planning, portfolio analysis (including Morningstar reports), tax planning and preparation, second opinion tax review, asset allocation, legacy planning and more.

Case Central is the third phase* in the powerful KonnexME platform, as it allows you to seamlessly progress from BaseCamp and Virtual Advisor to case design.

Preparation and Case Design

How much time do you spend putting together recommendations and plans for your clients? Are you confident that you have examined all the critical aspects and solutions for your client?

The Case Central team will review your client’s fact finder, brokerage statement, tax returns, and other important documentation. They will build a presentation to support your planning process. The end result is more time for you and a better solution for your client.

Proprietary Software and Reports

Don’t just tell your clients, show them! KonnexME has created over 20 unique and proprietary software reports to help you bring your recommendation to life. Build income plans, improve asset allocation, review tax liabilities and construct legacy plans with this software. Reports are customizable to your practice and available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Financial Planning Experts

Today’s clients demand more.  There has been a dramatic shift from transactional business to a relationship driven one.  No one person can be an expert in all aspects of the financial services business.  Associating with experts in the fields of income forecasting, asset allocation, investment review, tax preparation and planning, and legacy preparation will help you meet any of your client’s needs.  Case Central is comprised of CFPs, CPAs, CFAs, and other experts in the financial services industry.  They are here to review your specific case situations and do research on your behalf.