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Case Central provides financial analysis, product illustrations and financial reports to support case design for your clients.

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Added Value

With case design accounted for, you can go above and beyond for every client.

Added Hours

Get hours back into your week to build the business you’ve always imagined.

Added Tools

Give a more professional presentations every time with a full suite of reports.

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Add value without adding staff.

Case Central’s team is staffed by Certified Financial Planner™ (CFP) professionals who boast real industry experience and provide informed solutions for you and your clients.

The team is always prepared to find the right products for your clients, seek important tax solutions and design client presentations.

By helping take case design off your plate, Case Central enables you to spend more time building relationships with your clients and providing value in ways you previously didn’t think were possible.

Add hours back into your week.

How much time do you spend putting together recommendations and plans for your clients? The Case Central team reviews your client’s fact finder, account statements, tax returns, and other important documentation and then builds a presentation to support your strategy process.

The end result is more time for you and a better solution for your client. How you choose to spend that time is entirely up to you, but one thing is for certain: You’ll be glad you have it.

Add a professional presentation process.

Don’t just tell your clients, show them! Case Central delivers more than 20 unique and proprietary software reports to help you bring your recommendation to life.

Reports you may receive back depending on your registration include income planning, portfolio analysis, tax planning and preparation, second-opinion tax review, asset allocation and more. Whatever reports you run, they’ll come ready to present and will make your office look good.

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